Why not? – Giga Gonzalez

What about gothic, romanticism and trashy-chic? Giga knows how to combine these three styles all together in a wonderful collection that will definitely inspire you!

“All my life the only thing I wanted to do was to design clothes, it was the only thing I was certain of. I studied Fashion Design in Mexico (Centro de Diseño, Cine Y televisión) and 1 year in Barcelona (IED) and when I ended my studies it was time to make things happen. So I just started following my passion, it is hard and school doesn’t teach you that you have to stand up everyday for what you believe in and keep pushing on.

Since day one my objective with my collections is to turn people fears into something beautiful.”

What’s the concept of your latest collection? The collection was about how the Romanticism retakes the Gothic and transforms it with a darker and gloomy essence, then bring it nowadays and merge it to the Contemporary Gothic.

What does “trashy-chic” mean? Trashy-chic for me its all about mixing ideas go further, where breaking rules is the point of it, the phrase WHY NOT? Defying fashion.

How does the place you live in affect your design? A lot, sadly most of the Mexican people prefer European known labels if they are going to spend money instead of supporting their own emerging designers, but I think that it is changing because each day more and more people are believing and supporting new Mexican talents.

What’s the future of fashion according to you? It has to have a big change, we all have seen everything, nothing is new now. So I think that technology is going to have a big step in the world of fashion creating new textiles and ways of constructing pieces that won’t hurt the environment and would be more favorable for abused clothing workers, we are already seeing it in some labels but I think that it is just the start of a revolutionary way of applying fashion.

What’s your next project? Right now I’m working on it and it’s about serial killers and his perfection blended with his twisted minds, I just find it fascinating the way their minds work.

Facebook: @GigaGonzálezDesigner