Romantic decadence – INK Studio

This extremely talented designer creates a ready-to-wear collection full of historical references that will make you dream and deeply feel what INK Studio want to trasmit.

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My name is Kiang Inge Marthani Kanesia – usually called as Ing, hailing from a small city dubbed as the World City of Batik – better known as Pekalongan – in Central Java Province of Indonesia.
My interest in fashion started at a very young age, my grandmother is a seamstress and she used to ask me what kind of dresses I would like her to make for me. I remember she gave me a modeblad / fashion magazine and ask me which one is my favorite and from there she will design something for me, It really excites and fascinates me. I used to take a scrap fabric from my grandma and used it as a ‘clothes’ for my Barbie dolls.
I moved to Singapore to pursue my passion in Fashion and during my final year, INK Studio was born – as part of my final year assignment.
INK Studio creates a ready-to-wear collection for men, women, and those who defy the gender norm. The goal of INK Studio is to create unique pieces with a classic silhouette, playing with juxtaposition, and ‘Je ne sais quoi’ charm and romanticism as the brand DNA.
What’s the concept of your latest collection?
0.3 Wild Flower depict the Escapism of Marie Antoinette to the Queen Hamlet, where she enjoys a ‘Mundane peasant life’ with her companions. The collection reflects a juxtaposition from the longing and romantic mood of a retreat from busy court life with the decadent, self-indulgent lifestyle of the former Queen of France.
The colorway and silhouette for the collections are taken from a painting of the Former Queen of France in a White Chemise dress by Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, mixed with prominent details from Rococo dressing such as Bows, Frills, Ribbons, and Ruffles. The choice of textiles such as Cotton Broderie Anglaise, Cotton Voile, Dupioni Silk, and Linen compliment the rustic feelings from the hamlet and the richness of Rococo period.
What kind of person do you imagine for your clothes?
Someone who of course Love Fashion, Love to Travel, and most importantly open-minded. Someone who is Active, Aware of what he/she wear, Creative, Daring, and Have a freedom in expressing his/her individuality and style.
How does the place you live in affect your design?
Being raised in a small city likes Pekalongan I preferred to enjoy something that is more ‘mundane’ I would like to say, as a matter of facts I love that my hometown has a slower pace of life – On the weekend I used to cycled to the beach with a bunch of friends to catch the sunrise and just enjoying the nature – nothing too glamorous at all, those are translated to this idea of romanticism which becomes the core DNA of my label.
Coming from a small city also makes me a somewhat curious person, who wants to know more about others culture, language, what’s on the other side of the world. It really helps me when I am trying to look for inspirations for a collection – I tend to Immerse myself to the whole experience – it also helps me to keep experimenting on at the Atelier.
What’s the future of fashion according to you?
Everything is subject to change and Fashion Industry over the course of the century has evolved tremendously from where it begins as necessities, home-industry, developing to couture, to ready-to-wear, and fast fashion. It is all started with a rather slow and rational pace but fashion today is all about ‘need for speed’ where clothes are deemed to be ‘instant’ just like food – In near future it might be impossible to keep up with this pace that seems to get faster and faster each year.
It would be great if in the future fashion Industry could take notes from the past, to slow down a notch and not getting faster and faster. Creativity is finite, and if there are no actions taken there is a possibility of losing more brilliant talents in the industry, Natural resources will be scarcer, and Environmental degradation might turn so bad that there is nothing we can do to salvage it.
What’s your next project?
INK Studio will participate at Digital Fashion Week Indonesia this coming December to unveil our full line up of the 0.3 Wild Flower collection.
I am planning to work with local artisans to produce the textile used in the next collections. The main inspiration for my next collection is something that is dear and rather personal to me and I can’t wait to unveil it next year.
Instagram: @inkstudio.official
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