5 Movies That Will Change Your Life


There are movies that change your life forever and these five movies will change yours by showing you values that are often forgotten or of little importance but which are the ones that count really, always. Beautiful movies and stories you will hardly forget and that you will want to see over and over again!

#1 Without a paddle It’s the story of three men willing to do everything for friendship, facing their own fears and weaknesses. Three men who, in honor of their missing adventurous friend, embark on a journey full of obstacles and tragic but fun moments. This trip will be super engaging also for you who are only watching it and will give you moments of pure happiness reminding you that what matters is not the goal and not even the journey but those people who are there beside you as you walk the road.


#2 Charlie Bartlett This comedy movie is first of all a guarantee of a pungent humor and speaks of teenagers and psychiatric drugs. Need to say more? It’s the story of a rich boy who, after having started attending a public school, sells psychiatric drugs to teenagers of all kinds. This will bring a series of issues but will make us reflect on the origin of so many problems and how much we are more similar than we do not believe.


#3 To Wong Foo, thanks for everything, Julie Newmar What does it mean to be a drag queen? What does it mean to defeat a prejudice? What does it mean to be true to yourself? The answers will be found in this beautiful and poetic movie with an incredible performance by Patrick Swayze. Nothing else to say, just look at it and have fun in a world of colors, joy and tons of love.


#4 Wild We are still talking about a trip but this time the trip is with and inside ourself. Taken from a true story, an amazing Reese Witherspoon brings us to the discovery of her inner self through travel, pain and the overcoming of pain through hope and strength. A moving story that gives us unique views and will definitely change your way of seeing the world and your life.


#5 Kinky boots Imagine Willy Wonka in a drag queen world with a shoe factory and a father who does not accept his young son for what he is. This is, in very few words, this extraordinary movie from which a broadway musical has also been made. It’s an amazing and unpredictable story, we do not want to anticipate anything but just tell you that changing often is difficult but sometimes it’s worth it.