Instinctive photography – Mikhail Chubun

This is the inspiring story of a young photographer and the discovery of his creative attitude from a small town to the big city. His photos are able to make you a sharer in that moment and that’s really “so wow”!

“I was born in the northern part of Ukraine. My hometown is called Shostka. It is not a big city that offers a lot of cultural activities, which is the reason why many people have a problem with unconventional or creative thinking. However, I hope that I broke away from this stereotype. In my childhood I was a typical young boy, spending time on sports, games and playing with friends in my backyard. Some time has passed though; the world around me has changed and it changed me as well. I started writing poems and adventure stories; I started creating completely new universes  – and I really liked it.

In high school I found a new passion – that was design. As I graduated from school, I began to think about my future. At that time, I couldn’t see my future without a diploma in design, so I went to Kiev, to study at design faculty of University in Kiev. It was indeed a good choice. During the first year at the university I started working as a graphic designer, but as I have gained some experience in that field, I decided to try something different and began working in content production industry.

Eventually, I started taking photos with the photographic film camera and understood that I simply love photography. It has become my everyday life!”

How do you choose your subjects? I love taking photos of people; make portraits. I compare photography with plunge into someone’s life, it is a very interesting phenomena. Very often I meet funny people in the street or in the metro, but I do not dare to photograph them; I think this should be the next step in my life. When you take a photo, you can feel a “click”. When you feel that this photo will be so cool.

 What’s the role of lightning in your photography? Probably every photographer, even a beginner, knows that light is one of the main components of the picture. If take good light, good composition, your idea and mix it all together, you will have a great photo. Sometimes a small ray of light can create a dynamics for the whole photo sequence. I love interesting light! I love shooting in a strong day light, I like finding reflections in windows, mirrors and other stuff, for example when light passes through leaves of trees; but especially – pieces of light in dark corners, for example, between houses or on the walls of an entrance. Sunsets of course I love very much as well.

What do you try to express through your works? In my works you can see me. Understand my character, see the world through my eyes. Perhaps it is a cliche, but it’s true. Sometimes I say that my photos are gloomy and that’s why some people do not like them. Well, they should not be liked by everyone; otherwise it would not be interesting.

 What’s your main inspiration? I am inspired by nature and art. I’m looking for inspiration in everyday life. I am inspired by the talented and interesting people who work with me on the film sets. It is difficult to single out from this something that is most important to me.

 What’s the best experience you’ve done so far thanks to your art? The best experience that I got thanks to the shootings is the ability to make contact with people. Also look for beauty in everyday life and interpret it, as for me, it is very important.

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