7 reasons why Trashy-chic style is awsome!

Let’s start by saying that trashy-chic is not just a fashion style but it’s primarily a style of thinking and living. Probably is the result of the Internet supremacy on the fashion world, but whatever its origin n is, we like it to die!


What is the trashy-chic style and why it must be loved?

#1 Diva Diva DIVA! Whether you’re a man or a woman does not matter, trashy-chic is for everyone! It’s a lifestyle, a true fashion philosophy. But not everyone is able to show off such an extravagant style, you must feel diva and that’s what Cortney Love teaches us, being the true paladin of this style. Don’t be ashamed to wear the most absurd combinations and the most extravagant clothes. You do not care a fu*@in’ shit.


#2 It’s about freedom. This style is synonymous with true and pure freedom, this is probably the most noble aspect of this style, which, by the way, though now super-popular, has always existed. The freedom of expression and showing our inner self through the dresses. The freedom to show the most crazy and sometimes confused part of ourselves.


#3 You do not need new clothes. Just look for your mother’s clothes, even those of your grandmother and mix-n-match with whatever’s in your closet. But it’s not that simple, this combination must be able to exteriorize your mood, your feelings and an idea. But above all, you have to feel comfortable in the end.


#4 Simply funny. This style is nothing more than fun. Funny to create, to wear and to show. Liberating, definitely.


#5 Independent. What is more independent than a style that follows only our dictates and not those of the fashion industry or any influencer? Trashy-chic.


#6 Inspiration is everywhere!
Unlike other styles, if you want to show off a trashy-chic look you can start from anything. A ninja turtles t-shirt, the latest accessory you bought at Disneyland, your grandmother’s old fur that you love so much, and then a lot fantasy and desire to experience always new combinations.


#7 Unique just like you. With this style you will never risk finding someone else dressed like you in the most fashionable magazine or in the real world! But the most beautiful part is to find out how people from all over the world are able to reinterpret even the simplest accessory, making it a component of a unique style.

Don’t know what we’re talking about yet? Here’s a trashy-chic looks gallery and if you still don’t have enough, follow SOWOW on Instagram and Weheartit for more photo galleries!

Be trashy, be proud.