This is called “Shoshin” – Charlotte Cullens

Charlotte Cullens is an inspirational fashion label specialising in knitwear, with a talent of translating developments of research into knitwear stitch, colour and pattern are used to connect with the wearer on an emotional level, whilst pushing our understandings of social norms through clothing.  Resulting in fun, energetic designs that push our understanding of identity.  The Genderfull clothing has a positive identity stripped of gender that is showcased throughout the styles.  It’s unique to each person and inclusive of all forms of self-expression. Since setting up, her brand, Charlotte Cullens has received international profile, traveling trade shows from Paris to New York, being featured on, Vogue Brazil and Pause Magazine.  As well as having celebrity wear from Frankie Gaff, Ivy Mae and more.

CB Knitwear Charlotte 098

 Charlotte is a conscious and developed designer, keen to push and be part of the evolving British Fashion Industry, supporting and developing it in an efficient and modern manner through the use of knitwear. Pushing modern concepts to create playful aesthetics, that are big on colour and texture to encourage the wearer on a sensory and personal level. 

CB Knitwear Charlotte 100

What’s the concept of your collection? My collection is inspired by the word Shoshin, meaning to approach life with an open mind and lack of preconceptions.  With this I juxtaposed everyday objects into something considered unusual, yet extremely fun.  These works are a modern take on the Surrealism, aiming to expose psychological truth, to expose an open mind.

I have further explored this unusual, yet fun theme, by delving into the circus and exploring further a place where social norms are broken and allow us to escape to a place where we can break down binaries and focus on the energy and passion within us.

These inspirational themes are allowing me to explore and contrast colour and textural properties as well as develop exciting pattern work and embellishments.  The possibilities are endless when juxtaposing everyday living.

CB Knitwear Charlotte 085

What inspires you the most? To be a designer you need to be inspired by everything, I love finding tiny pieces of beauty in the most unusual places.  I love exploring different cultures, places and people.  I love art and colour; I’m a very visual person… and, of course, I am a complete magpie to sparkles!

CB Knitwear Charlotte 069

How does the place you live in affect your design? London is an incredibly cultural place with something new to discover everyday; I love visiting art exhibitions and having luxury department stores on my corner.  Not only is it psychically inspiring, the people of London are so open minded and willing to explore a new and better future it allows designers to create without boundaries and judgments.  Something that isn’t as tolerated in other areas of the world.

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What is the future of fashion according to you? Fashion has changed a lot over the last few years.  Presentations are increasingly more popular than catwalk shows and technology is taking over.  We are the generation that doesn’t have the privilege of seeing what designers in previous years have done to succeed and following in their footsteps.  We are creating a new fashion industry built on new technology, a new cultural mindset, new money, the growing need for sustainability, etc, all whilst keeping the excitement and luxury that fashion brings.  We can’t be scared to face the challenge.

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What’s your next project? I am currently working on building and discovering my brand.  It is important to establish a strong DNA that can stand up against the millions out there.  I am working within a design house and naturally working on my own designs for a first collection in the near future.

 Photographer: Callum Baigrie