The beauty of natural fabrics – WELIKA

This amazing brand is the perfect exemple of the importance of quality fabrics. These clothes can be worn in any occasion and look elegant and extremely cool.

The brand WELIKA was created in 2015. The WELIKA clothes are produced in Latvia to suit the high demands and lifestyle of a modern woman.  The brand is characterized by a laconic style and original drawings, which are specially designed for each collection. The WELIKA means the originality and uniqueness of design, high quality and practicality.


What’s the concept of your latest collection? Name of the last collection is“Beauty”. This name speaks for itself. Beauty is one of the main components of our life. In the collection “Beauty” natural fabrics, such as: linen, cotton, viscose, are used which are combined with lace fabrics, satin, fringe and applique.  The models are supplemented by original author`s illustrations specially developed on a theme “Beauty”. The collection is made in classical style; quiet pastel colors were used with additional bright accents. A free silhouette dominates in the models in accordance with the fashion trends. Creating this collection, the main goal was to make the collection original, practical, and universal. To make a woman feel beautiful in clothes from WELIKA.


How do you choose your materials and how do you work with them? Creating a collection, the theme is first thought out. Then, based on the theme, a selection of materials takes place. Much attention is paid to the quality of the material. Fabrics should be of high quality, pleasant by touch and practical. Most often solid color fabrics are used, which go well with author`s prints, embroideries, or appliques specially designed on this or that theme. Such fabrics as: thin knitwear, tight jersey, lace fabric, cotton fabrics, etc., are often used. In general, everything depends on the idea.

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How does the place you live in affect your design? The place, where I`m living, affects me very well. I believe that it is not the place that beautifies the person but the person beautifies the place! And it does not matter where you live. Nowadays, there are so many opportunities to communicate with people from all over the world. After all, we have the Internet. And it`s fine.  


What’s the future of fashion according to you? The WELIKA brand is very promising. The WELIKA already today has its fans who love clothes from WELIKA and are looking forward to new products. We have many plans for the future for which we should work very hard. The fashion industry is developing very fast and designers have to follow the fashion and keep up with it.


What’s your next project? Our next project is the creation of a new collection on which we are already working hard. We plan to participate with this collection in fashion shows (Fashion week).  This collection will be the largest of those we have ever had and the most unique. We will strive to ensure that our new collection conquers as many hearts as possible.