City affairs – Kathia Bucho

Day and night, color and coldness, contemporary and timeless, these jewels are inspired by the dynamics of the big city with interesting materials and lines.

“I have always been in to small artistic projects, painting, sculpturing, draw and so on, and the Jewellery is the perfect link to all these arts, I can use all in one now.  However, I also had a cinema passion too, which led me to take the Cinema course and I ended up working in that area for 15 yearsDuring this time I attended a course of contemporary Jewelery at Contacto Directo School but I did not have the opportunity to put it into practice due to my work. When I had my daughter, I decided to set aside my work and dedicate myself entirely to jewellery. I took the Design Author’s Jewelry course at the Lisbon Jewelery Center (CJL) and in the last year of the course, I was totaly focused on an effective and quick strategy to get into the jewellery market. I set up a studio, I create and launch the brand, I obtained the jewellery manufacturer puncture of the Portuguese Mint, I finished my first collection and at the moment I have 10 points of sales. And I have been nominated for the “Best Of” revelation design of the year by Porto Joia this year. For just one year I am quite satisfied!”


What’s the concept of your latest collection? In my City Affairs Collection, I decided to combine the comtemporaneous and the unexpected design with the easily usable. Different and contemporary jewelry, that could be used by several ages and a night and day design. This scope required an easy and mundane theme and I was based on the dichotomy existing in the cities. Textures that evoke the brightness of the night and the cold of the concrete. The city is addictive, by a side, we have stress, lack of time, life that run fast and often even deprivation of tranquility, while on the other hand it is exciting, keep us alive, compels us to live faster. This theme may have also arisen, because I have long been living in the countryside and in the city, it is an indecision that has hovered in my life.

What inspires you the most? What inspires me the most, for now:  mechanical mechanisms. I’ve always been impressed by their aesthetics and the more confused the more I love them. I spend hours trying to understand them and often yearn to build them in miniature, which is another thing I’m involved in, scale miniatures, and make them…it’s just wonderful!


How does the place you live in affect your design? I can not say that is in a direct way, it wasn’t. I am not a kind of person inspired by nature and I’m not interested in be inspired by the inherent architecture of my environment. But I end up having many sensations and even problems that arise of my social environment or another factor that surrounds me or that involved me in times.


What’s the future of fashion according to you? Fashion will be very eclectic. Each person will be able to follow itself, just an itself inspiration, we will be free to wear what we want, everything will be allowed. All social classes will have access to fashion and to great designs. With the evolution of technology, we will be able to create our own shoes, our own jewellery and all our clothes, through an easy, fast and inexpensive ways, such as 3D printing and others.  At that point, when everyone will be able to produce via technology, the few ones, the only ones that will be able to create through own hands, will be greatly appreciated and his art will be worth millions.


What’s your next project? My new project is already happening, I am studying and designing small mechanisms that will represent our defense psychological mechanisms. Each jewellery piece will represent a different defense psychological mechanism.