Just like Venus – Florence Morris-Clarke

Have you ever feel like a siren? These creations will bring your sensuality and femininity at the highest level by wrapping your body with precious fabrics and wonderful embroidery.

 “I’m a final year student at London College of Fashion. Before joining the university I had had no experience in fashion practises, having previously devoted my ambitions to other creative outlets including animation, sculpture and illustration, alongside ballet and aerial acrobatics training. But after completing my arts foundation year and discovering the Fashion Contour BA at LCF it seemed to me the perfect amalgamation of all my passions.

After an intense first year in London I had gained a wealth of technical knowledge and could start to experiment and play around with what I could create, gradually developing a style and producing initial garments. I was also blessed with the opportunity to take part in and be awarded first place at Mare di Moda’s Link Award in Cannes which opened me up to an array of further opportunities and encouraged me to develop my work, experimenting with swimwear and new lingerie styles.

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In my second year I took part in various industry projects, producing collections targeted at other brand’s consumers whilst further developing my own style.

Last year I was lucky enough to intern with prestigious lingerie brand Agent Provocateur, without a doubt one of my favourite experiences, which also enabled me to grasp a broader picture of how a fashion brand operates, alongside working on my own designs in my free time.

And then we get to today! Having refined and established my design style I am now about to embark on producing my official debut collection. I still have a lot to learn but am just taking every day as it comes!”

 What’s the concept of your latest collection? My most recent collection SIREN was designed with the Italian market in mind. I wanted to bring a new level of sophistication to contemporary swimwear, whilst keeping the signature playfulness of my designs. The initial inspiration was sparked by the Botticelli Reimagined exhibition held at the V&A, with particular focus on contemporary recreations of The Birth of Venus. The collection features clean cut white suits with flattering mesh cutouts, adorned with detachable Swarovski crystal body chains. The final looks were presented at the Maredamare trade show, Fortezza da Basso, in Florence.

 What kind of woman do you imagine for your lingerie? My work is targeted at women who are proud to embrace their femininity but with a wild feistiness about them. She is strong-minded and fearless, but with elegance and an edge. She desires to celebrate her body and her sexuality, but in the most artful manner. I suppose the girl I see is a Siren figure, she’s alluring and bewitching and a little out of this world.

 How do you choose the materials and how do you work with them? All the materials I use I hand source to ensure quality and gauge if they will be suitable for intimate wear. I work with a lot of lace, sometimes deconstructing vintage garments if I find a little something too exquisite to imitate through modern methods. The embellishments are created using a variety of freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals, plus any other exciting bits and pieces I can find. My absolute essential is invisible tulle, as you can create some really enchanting effects that just seem to melt into the skin.

What’s the future of fashion according to you? Fashion is rapidly addressing environmental and sustainability issues, and as one of the most wasteful industries on the planet I think this attitude is essential to ensuring a long-lasting and successful brand. I believe there will continue to be a yearning for brands to address ‘real’ women, with campaigns swaying away from overly edited shoots, as well as a greater openness to targeting all sizes, ethnicities, sexualities and lifestyles.

 What’s your next project? I am currently working on an exciting project for AW18 which I hope to be my debut signature collection. I won’t give too much away but I am focussing on various handcrafted techniques I have been developing, as well as exploring the deconstruction of corsetry. And if you hadn’t guessed, my obsession with sirens will also play a significant role.

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