Sexy and chic at the beach – The Rich

Summer is a state of mind expecially if you come from Bahamas like Richie McCoy. This swimwear can make any girl feel confident and sexy thanks to the perfect lines that can fit any kind of body.

“I’ve been designing for a little over 3 years now. I stumbled into designing very naturally. I was always an artistic, creative and fashionable person from as long as I knew myself. I was always good a free hand sketching and when I first left high school back in 2011 I knew that fashion was the career for me. So one day I purchase a sewing machine and I watched a few YouTube videos and from there that’s how my career got started. I started out by entering a fashion competition called Fash Art that my friends told me I should’ve join and I ended up winning the competition. A few month later I got a opportunity to showcase a collection in LA for Facet Fashion Week. My label “The Rich” is a branch off from my name Richie. The name simply means “rich in design, rich in quality and also rich in the way it makes a woman feel”. My design style is very edgy, abstract and also dominating.”

What’s the concept of your latest collection? The concept of my latest collection was inspired by line patterns and how well they come together to create one thing. It also was a mesh between women and men pieces and how well it could of blend into becoming a sexy swimwear that would make anyone wearing a piece feel confident.

 What’s the hardest thing of being a oung dsigner? The hardest thing of being a young designer. For me it’s more than one thing. One of them would be it’s hard to get notice or earn people’s respect and trying to stay consistent and relevant. Definitely one of the hardest thing.

 How does the place you live in affect your design? I’m from and live in The Bahamas and it’s hard. It’s hard to stay inspired because fashion isn’t a career that’s taken serious so it’s very little support. However I strive to not let where I am from define who I am or what I aspire to be in life.

 What’s the future of fashion according to you? Very tough one . . For me the future of fashion according to me is outfits that can be versatile and not only worn at specific events. Designs that can go from ready to wear to resort wear and not look tacky.

 What’s your next project? My latest project is my new S/S 18’ collection I’m working. I’m currently only designing swimwear at this time. Working on designs that can be versatile. Designs that can be worn at the beach, pool or even to the nightclub if one wishes too.

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