The surreal world of Anders Rasmussen

This is the amazing story of an artist who knows what working in an office means and then decided to follow his heart and art. Enjoy the surreal world of Anders!

Born (1983) and raised around Copenhagen. Both parents in the medical field, from an early age started drawing and creating an universe of my own trough my drawings. I use to cover friends school books with big drawings on request, I mostly drew fantasy monsters and skeletons.

Then had a long period of time after high school where I did not use my creative brain at all, I worked in financials. After 10 years doing that, I got fed up with thinking about money and the materialistic world. A friend of mine has a mom who paints for a living and he suggested I gave it a go, knowing that I once use to draw. I really fell in love with how the painting felt, how much interaction there actually was between me and the canvas full of colours. From there on I jumped right into painting full time and taking different courses to support my progress.

My passion comes from sharing my thoughts about the world with the people of the world. A process of returning my experience, getting what reflecs inside to the outside. I think this is what great art should do, like lending the lenses of a particular artist to see how his or her reality tunnel looks like.

What are you inspired by? I’m mostly inspired by movements of nature and meta physical thoughts. Intrigued by death and what happens to us after this ride of life. Im also curious as to the single individuals development and path. I often use colourful skies to set a particular mood.

 What do you try to express through your art? I try to convey certain emotions about certain subjects and objects. I’d like the viewer to be transported away from the ordinary sensory world and into something new and different. At the same time I want something in my paintings to be left open to interpretation for the viewer.

 What means to be an artist? To me it means going your own way no matter the cost. Art is something original, something the comes from the authentic being of the particular artist. Something unique to that individual persons journey. Great artists know how to pierce trough with relatable works of art that at the same time leaves the viewer wanting to see more.

 What’s the future of art? Hard to say, but I see more and more new medias showing up. A lot of people work digital now which is cool, but I think the original way of beeing physical with your art, getting your actual hands on what you do, brings the best results. I’d say probably a mix of the two, digital and physical could be a future sight, big installations combining both worlds.

 What’s your next project? Working more with human subjects in my life, mixing oils and acrylics.

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