Suicide blonde project by Patrizia Landi

This brand is a real color splash! Happy and fun it represents the power of human creativity. SBP is definitely a must-have in any wardrobe.


 What is Suicide Blonde Project? Suicide Blonde Project begins as a collaboration between independent creative people. We self-finance and use our resources to give space and voice to people we consider artistically talented! Let  creative people express themselves and create without any barriers and filters! Let them be subversive in opposition to a flat and boring world where it seems almost impossible to express themselves freely without being tagged and silenced!

 SBP has social, creative and ethical contents! We prefer to support the local economy by producing exclusively in Europe. On the other hand, speaking of pure aesthetics, we are inspired by the latest trends but always with a rebellious, transgressive, sexy, provocative, ironic and spicy hint.

 What are you inspired by? Luckily the talented committed designer who work in the team take inspiration from totally different sources. The cooperation is the key to create a fresh and appealing design. Music, art, comics, history, aliens and monsters, past, present and future, everything inspire us.

 Can you tell us more about your team? I don’t like work alone and I always dream with a creative partner. I believe in cooperation for improving. Finally, I found my partner (I cannot say the name right now). He is an excellent creative fashion designer from Italy who starts his adventure with SBP from the new collection.. actually we are already work together. He comes from a long haute couture fashion experience mixed with other collaborations for mainstream brands. This great difference between my industrial profile and his couture affinity is the point!

 What’s the concept of your collection? High Energy music from ’80s is the main inspiration for creating the prints and the styles of this first collection. The message is FEED YOUR SOUL with good vibes and optimistic boosts. SBP garments aim at active, dynamic, hedonistic customers, moving on a dance-floor or on rollers, skating on the beach or on a surfboard, or simply moving into a urban context .. without necessarily being extreme, the collection aims at people who want to feel special and really at ease, doing sports or not .. it is a clear way for them to show their own personality without any fear. So the fabrics used and the clothing are multifunctional. Strictly produced in Europe, our garments are suitable for the sea, the swimming pool, sports and leisure activities, for special and social events .. lycra for swim-wear, dry-fit stretch fabrics, latest generation  materials of highest quality and comfort.

 What’s your next project? We are soon going to present the new collection. Many surprises are coming! Firstly the new collection includes many different items to enrich the looks: plain clothes with amazing details, easy to wear fitting, unisex clothing, cotton items, crazy prints and this time we work on all the clothing categories.

Stay tuned! FB and IG @suicideblondeproject

VESTIDO V001A0016__0905
VESTIDO V001A0006__0713
SHORT S001A0013__0544
LEGGUINS L005A0010__0648
LEGGINGS L005A0019__1646
LEGGINGS L005A0010__1166
LEGGINGS L005A0001__1266
BODY 001A0015__0313
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