Moroccan vibes – Maria Jovrea

It’s always nice to be transported to another dimension or in another place in the world through fashion. This is what allows us to make Mary Jovrea with a collection made of vibrations and Moroccan colors. An evocative and exciting atmosphere.

“I was born in Romania but spent most of my childhood in a small city close to Florence in Italy, Empoli, the place where I got overly attached to art. Being raised around fabrics and sewing machines, my mom a seamstress and my grandparents tailors, I have always found myself interested in their work and so I started from a very young age to drape and stitch into their scraps of fabric. Slowly building my skills into actually making garments for myself, people around me started being interested in what I was creating and so they began asking for my services, from really simple basic tailoring to actual designing gowns for prom or weddings back home in Romania. Soon after finishing high school I decided to move back to Italy to work in the big industry of fashion, I was lucky enough to find a placement in a production house that at the time was working with big labels like Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Ermanno Scervino and many more, thanks to the strict rules and talented people there I have improved my skills and learned a lot more about the real world of fashion business. In 2015 I have moved to London to study fashion and also keep building my young label.”

What’s the concept of your latest collection? The concept of my latest collection is Morocco, mostly focused on their strong colours, the major colour in Morocco is brown. The dust, the people, the streets, the mountains and the buildings are all rich in varying colours of brown, along side the immense and hot gold desert. I was fascinated by the craftsmanship and impressive details in their architecture, the shape and lines, ornamentation and functionality, that was included in some parts of my project as well.

What inspires you the most? Despite the concept of my last collection, I am mostly inspired by people, understanding their emotions and being able to translate them into pieces of clothing, wear what you feel.

 What’s the future of fashion? The future of fashion is when technologists and designers meet to create new innovative textiles and reshape the fashion industry. Another great topic of future fashion is sustainability, something that is environmental friendly. I guess the future of fashion is the point where this two big topics meet.

 What’s your next project? My upcoming collection is Infatuation, based on feelings, expresses the moment when falling in love as well as the confusion and distress that this is causing.

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