Van Gogh in the wardrobe

This is the story of a young talented designer waiting for her chance. Her knitwear are so beautiful, full of movement and truly original and now that winter is coming, it is one of the inevitable pieces in the wardrobe. But what if I tell you that these sweaters, that certainly you wouldn’t get between the shelves of hm, are inspired to …Van Gogh?

“Both of my parents are artists so creativity and the fine arts have surrounded me from birth. My first sketchbook was given to me at age four or five. It had Madeline and her friends on the cover and its pages were filled with doodles of the “Powerpuff Girls” and my family. I was almost never without my sketch book, I brought it to playdates and school—I’m sure to the annoyance of my friends and teachers. One day, I think I was about ten years old, I was flipping through channels on the TV and somehow landed on a Betsey Johnson fashion show. I became transfixed. The colors, imagination, and vivacity of the runway show evoked something within me and I’ve been designing ever since. Shortly after this discovery I started researching schools and the Fashion Institute of Technology quickly became a distant dream. When my letter came in a small, nondescript envelope I was devastated, until my mother told me to open it anyway; reading the ‘Congratulations’ was one of the protest moments of my life. My first two years at FIT in New York were filled with immense growth. My ideas on the industry vastly changed as new lights were shed, as did my ideas about what kind of a designer I wanted to be. My design aesthetic and rendering styles also vastly changed. It only made sense, when given the opportunity, to continue such growth by finishing my bachelors degree in Milan, Italy. Spending two years living, studying, and interning in Milan was one of the best decisions I ever made. I learned so much about sustainability, couture, many other facets of the industry as well as the rich Italian culture. Having now graduated with a bachelors degree in Knitwear, I look forward to creating designs that are compelling, ethical, and sustainable.”


What’s the concept of your latest collection?
My latest collection is inspired my my favorite painting, ‘Starry Night’ by Van Gogh. The piece was completed in 1889, this fact giving name to the collection. I love the movement of the brush strokes, how the seem to undulate and hum with life. The colors and textures seen on the canvas directly inspired the stitches, yarns, and colors I used in the collection.

What’s the hardest thing of being a young fashion designer in the industry?
I think the hardest thing about being a young designer in the industry is finding someone to give you a chance. It’s difficult to get the experience desired by many brands when no one will give you said experience. But I know every young designer has been where I have so I try not to let this discourage me. I love working, designing—I love being busy.

What inspires you the most?
I think people inspire me most, their stories, their cultures, their quirks.

What’s your next project?
It’s a secret, shh! Just kidding, I actually don’t know. I’m looking into design team and freelance positions in New York and I’m also creating some pieces for individuals with custom orders. Far in the future I’d like to have my own brand that is Free Trade and Woolmark certified as well as sustainable.