Back to the 70s – Nana Gotti

Nana brings all of us back to another time, the 70s but making it contemporary and sophisticated. Let’s hear her story.


 “I was always interested in beauty and makeovers. My fascination about fashion goes back when i was little, where I used to drape with towels in front of the mirror. So after I finished my apprenticeship in Zurich, I have decided to study Fashion at Parsons New School in New York. Far far away from the City I’m coming from. Without the permissin of my family, I went alone to a city I have never been before. There, I have attended the Entrepreneurship & Design Course at the New School and found myself living with four other girls at the Campus. Everything was so new for me. The language, (I mean my mothertongue is swiss-german),  living with stranges that I barely knew. And New York itself. I had to find everything all by myself with a map. After a while I was well settled but I somehow missed my friends and my brother in Zurich. Therefore I’ve decided to move back and study in London instead which was closer. After 4 years of studying and spending my time in London and doing several apprenticeships at wellknown big brands, it was time for me to go back and set up my own Label.”


What’s the concept of your latest collection?
My latest concept of my collection was inspired by the atmosphere of Studio54 and the 70s. Going back to the 70s when fashion was all about freedom, a variety of colours and a tendency to mix and match different styles with each other.

What inspires you the most?
Decades, cultures and traditions.


Does the place you live in affect your design?
I travel between three City’s at the moment and I have noticed that, when I’m in Istanbul, my designs tend to be more oriental with a lot of beadings. When in London, the silhouettes are more edgy and in Zurich, the silhouettes are more sleek. So I automatically adapt the vibe of a City, which affects my designs.


What’s the future of fashion?
Technology. Heated jackets, programmable LED Dresses and 3D Printers , many more, are the future of Fashion. Latest by the year of 2025, we will see some big changes and replacements.


What’s your next project?
My next project brings me back to my roots, Turkey. It’s about the emancipation of an Anatolia woman. There will be a lot of prints and hand-embroideries.