For the people who live far away from the green – Yeni Studio

This is the example that the study pays back especially when it turns into small handmade pieces of art. Unique objects that assume an added value being made by an artist who really knows the forms and subjects that she works with. Graceful and elegant, these jewels have a story to tell.

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“My journey as a jeweler started with a basic jewelery training in 2009. After exploring what I could do with metal plates and fire, I started imitating natural forms and my adventure proceeded by learning enameling techniques. Combining enameling techniques with jewelery helped me to unravel the gates of a different world limited only by imagination. Ever since I passed that door, I have been designing and creating handmade jewelery with inspiration from the enchanting fragility of natural forms.”

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How your studies in biology affectes your design?
As a biologist, I perceive human beings as a tiny part in the nature rather than a separate techno-natural entity. From our guts to the air we breath, we live in a medium of other organisms. However, we are under the delusion that we will overcome our dependence on nature with technology. From this perspective, my profession affects my design in a way to reflect the balance of the power and fragility in the nature.

What kind of technique do you use to create them?
I use the basic metalsmithing techniques to create the form. Afterwards to decorate the form I use the whole array of enameling techniques including traditional ones such as basse-taille and cloisonné as well as modern ones like graphite.

What are you inspired by?
My ultimate inspiration is the wisdom of fragility in nature. Each organism has its insecurities along with its capability to survive. This balance fascinate me more than anything.

What is the role of a jewel for an outfit?
I think a jewel is one way of artistic expression in daily life. From a remote mountain village to the a cosmopolitan city, people wear jewelry. However the aim of wearing jewelry changes significanty towards the city to reflect the purchasing power of the wearer. Personally, I design and create for the people who live far away from the green in order to enable them carry a piece of nature on themselves. To this end, I enjoy including the materials such as rocks or branches that I found in nature to my designs. I believe that the value of jewelry comes from the handwork, form and the concepts that are expressed rather than the value of materials and precious stones used in production.