Music is honesty – Kylie Odetta

Kylie is the sweetest singer you’ll ever hear. Beautiful and emotional, her music will relax yourself with wonderful sonority and her perfect voice.

“I started writing music when I was 8 and although I was really young I think I always had this underlying feeling that music was meant for so much more than just creating something cool or getting famous. I saw the power of lyrics and the amount of practice it took to be able to play instruments and the emotional impact those combined forces had on people and respected the heck out of it. So while my passion was originally sparked after I performed my own song on stage for the first time in my 6th grade talent show, it carried on and grew into something bigger. I started playing open mic nights, coffee shops, recording my music in a friend’s attic studio at the age of 12 and believe me, just because I was excited about music didn’t mean it was easy! I started out on my musical journey with terrible stage fright and would cry before playing live because I was SO nervous but I pushed through that and after hundreds of nerve-racked performances, I began to feel the tension release from my body as relaxation and joy replaced it. Over the years as I continued to play shows, write songs, experiment stylistically, and meet people through music I began to make sense of why I was so drawn towards music. It’s a connecter, it’s a healer, it’s a beautiful way to minister about love. My passion for music comes from seeing perspectives change, spirits lifted, hearts warmed, love felt, in everyone who listens to it. It has the ability to make us feel a little less alone in the world, to empower us and give us confidence, to just make us smile. I want to be apart of something like that and spread God’s love along the way.”

 What do you try to express through your songs? Honesty and inspiration. Whether that be through sharing a vulnerable experience through lyrics, the use of organic instruments, or a story of self-love. I find myself writing mostly about what I feel, what I hope for others, what I dream, and what I see others go through. I try to express the beauty in all of our emotions.

How long does it takes to write one of your songs? It truly depends on the song but if I had to say an average amount of time I would say 45 minutes to an hour.

 What inspires you the most? Jesus, people, emotions, love.

 What’s the best experience you’ve done so far? Almost all of my favorite experiences revolving around music have taken place in a house concert setting or at an intimate show. I feel like I am on a high when I get to connect with the audience in such a real way and then talk with them afterward. The first time I heard somebody tell me that my song was one of the only songs they had ever heard that related to them and that it helped them heal through their situation is still my best experience.

 What’s your next project? I have a music video for my song “Undertow” coming out on YouTube on October 16th – it was shot on a beach with a piano in ocean. I am also going back into the studio on October 17th to record 2 new songs that I plan on releasing very soon. One is called “Flame” and it’s about my heart towards the world right now. There is so much pain and suffering, but I believe that love will always win. It only takes one single flame to cut through the dark and that is one of the lyrics in my song. I hope it will inspire people and encourage people to have hope even in this dark world.