Florencia Tellado’s handmade hats

Handmade is the future expecially when it’s combined with traditional and simple materials. Today we’re talking about an original hat designer: Florencia Tellado.imageShe is a Buenos Aires based milliner and costume designer who owns one of the best wardrobe rental studios in Argentina and an exclusive handmade hats brand.
Her own thoroughness is her concept. The desire to do something genuine that she really enjoys. She gets inspired by her perseverance of bringing back the craft, being conscious of the time that needs to be dedicated to do things better, without forgetting about the future.

Here’s a gallery of her so wow creations.

download (2)download (3)download (4)download (5)download (6)download (7)download

If you want to be updated about Florencia Tellado’s world check http://www.flortellado.com or @florenciatellado on IG!

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